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Directions to Taddy Creek, Dwellingup

Follow our simple directions to Taddy Creek Dwellingup

Address: 2379 Del Park Road, Dwellingup, WA, 6213

From Perth, drive south along the Kwinana Freeway until you get to the Lakes Road exit.  This is about 45 minutes from Perth and before the Pinjarra and Mandurah exits. Turn left off the freeway and then a quick right on to Lakes Road.

Once on Lakes Road, continue to the very end until you reach South West Highway (about 10 -15 minutes).

You will immediately see a Service Station which is on the corner of South West Hwy and Del Park Road.

Del Park Road is the main road that takes you to Dwellingup from the South West Highway.

Turn left into Del Park Road and continue up the hill until you reach Taddy Creek (about 20 minutes).

Shortly after the speed limit changes from 90kmph to 80kmph, slow down as Taddy Creek is just around the bend. It will be on your left with a blue and white sign by the front gate.  You can also look for the 10m green slide at the back of the property.

If you reach the 50km/hour zone – you have gone too far!!

Safe Driving…

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